3 Windshield Repair Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Unfortunately, in today’s internet age, there’s a lot of information about windshield repair – some of it true and some of it false. This makes it almost impossible to decipher the information you can trust, as even individuals with good intentions alter the truth or offer wrong advice.

Safety First

Avoiding these misconceptions is vital as windshields ensure your safety when you’re driving. Remember, accidents can happen to anyone and at any time, no matter how careful you are. And without an intact windshield, your car’s structure can cave in during a front end collision, causing injury.

On the other hand, a functioning windshield absorbs all types of shocks during an accident, preventing serious car injuries. Additionally, it keeps the occupants in your vehicle from “flying” out during a front end collision.

To ensure your safety and security, here are three windshield repair myths you should never believe.

1.You Can Wait to Get Small Cracks Fixed

Most vehicle owners have hectic schedules, and they struggle to find the perfect balance between their family and work life. This means they have little to no time for services or vehicle repairs, such as a small crack on their windshield.

However, waiting to fix your windshield can not only result in costlier repairs, but it’s also potentially dangerous. No matter how small the crack is, faulty windshields are more susceptible to breaking when something hits it, even the slightest impact.

For example, if a rock hits your car’s windshield and you don’t get it fixed, the next time it’s hit by a rock, the entire glass will shatter, costing you more to resolve the issue. Luckily, you can avoid this by scheduling your windshield repair as soon as it’s damaged.

windshield repair

2. You Can Drive Around With a Damaged Windshield

No, you can’t. A damaged windshield can get worse when hit by a rock or storm, placing you and your passengers at risk. Besides, windshields protect you from flying debris, hail storms, rocks, and twigs, and driving around with a damaged one exposes you to these objects when the glass shatters.

Also, windshields are part of the structure of your car, and they support your roof. This way, in case your vehicle rolls over, a structurally sound windshield protects your family.

3. All Auto Glass Repair Companies Are the Same

When searching for an auto glass repair company, don’t select the first company you find, as not all companies are the same. Some may use quality replacement parts, while others may use aftermarket parts that only function properly for a short time.

Therefore, it’s wise to perform your due diligence to find a company with the experience, knowledge, and training to repair your damaged windshield.

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