The Risks of Driving with a Broken Windshield

Broken glass is everywhere in our lives, from cracked phone screens to a shattered plate in your kitchen. While you’re likely to fix your phone or replace a plate right away, why is it that so many people wait to replace their windshield when it’s broken? Is it even safe to drive with a broken windshield?

Today, we’re taking a look at the risks of driving with a broken windshield, and why you might not want to wait any longer to get it fixed.

Increased expense

What might start out as a small chip can easily crack and grow into a much bigger problem. Cracks can spread as your car goes through temperature changes with the seasons, moisture from the weather, or simple bumps and turns in the road. A small repair is cheaper to fix, and an entire windshield replacement definitely costs more. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still absolutely worth it, but repairing a small amount of damage sooner can save you money.

Decreased visibility

Cracks refract light and prevent you from seeing key parts of the road, which is why those windows were there in the first place! In fact, in most states, Alabama included, it’s not only inconvenient for your sight to be obstructed, but illegal. Better to go ahead and get that crack replaced before you have to spend that money on a hefty fine.

Structural integrity

As car safety has improved, the windshield has become an important part of keeping you safe. A broken windshield can really put you in danger in high-stakes situations. If damage happens to your roof, the windshield helps to keep the car from collapsing. If you have a simple front-end collision, the windshield is designed to take the force of the impact away from you and your passengers. However, if your windshield is damaged, it won’t be able to hold up the roof or lessen the impact as effectively, putting you in harm’s way.

Lack of personal protection

windshield replacement

There’s a reason that severely broken windshields are illegal, and it’s not just cosmetic. Driving with a broken windshield is risky, and it’s dangerous to you and others around you, both in and out of your car. It’s simple… broken windshields can’t protect you or your passengers as well as a fixed one can. If you were to get into an accident with a broken windshield, it’s possible that the airbag could escape through the weakened glass instead of protecting you. Also, in addition to your seatbelt, your windshield prevents you from being ejected from the car in a collision. A simple windshield replacement can do more than just keep your car looking nice… it can save your life.

It’s risky to drive around with a broken windshield, so you need to make sure that when you go in for a replacement or repair, the job is done right. Bama Auto Glass has over 20 years of experience in repairing and replacing glass, and we’re trusted by some of the area’s top car dealers. Don’t wait any longer when we’ve made it this easy. Fix your windshield and call us now!