4 Ways To Clean Your Car Like A Pro

Clean Your Car Like A Pro

We know that, for some folks, cleaning their car is an absolute labor of love. For others, it’s a bit of a chore. Yet, as an end result, we all like it to look the best it can as we travel in and around Birmingham.

As with most areas of life, we can learn from the professionals: those who clean cars for a living. So, here are just four quick tips that can help you (or even an offspring who wants to earn a few extra dollars) take the car cleaning operation up just a notch or two. 

We’ll start with two regarding outside cleaning; and then move to the interior.

Avoid A Common Starting Error

The first move by many people is to set to work with soapy water – whichever product they might be using (see next point). This isn’t a great idea. Doing so can cause problems by grinding the grit, grime and dust you’re trying to remove against the surface and into your paint. 

So, the first pro tip is to rinse your vehicle thoroughly with clean water. This removes much of those materials which could damage your paintwork. Seems obvious, but it gives you a better starting point!

Clean Your Car Like A Pro

Use Only Proper Products

We’re still amazed (and slightly horrified) by the number of people who use household detergents to clean their car. A prime example is dishwashing products – yet the clue is in the name! Detergents can remove protective oils from your vehicle’s finish. This can shorten the lifespan of your car’s surface. 

Although it means investing a few dollars, the choice of proper car wash soap products is a worthwhile one to make. 

Applying your choice of cleaning product with a sponge is another popular action. Yet sponges tend to capture and then embed grit in their pores. Once there, they can start to damage the surface as you wash and wipe. A specific car cleaning microfiber mitt is the pro choice as the grit can be rinsed away from its surface. The same is true when drying; a chamois soaks up water, but tends to leave grit clinging to the surface. A microfiber towel is much better at collecting such particles. 

Start Interior Cleaning In The Right Place

Many car owners start cleaning the interior by vacuuming the carpets. It’s often an unconscious action, simply because this is where dirt and dust is often the most obvious to spot. Yet, moving on to the dash, seats and door panels simply then pushes some of that dirt back down into those carpets! Professionals start at the top and work their way down to the floor.

A Great Tool For Dealing Awkward Areas

Cleaning the console and dash, the air vents and the like, can be fiddly and annoying. If you get hold of a detailer’s brush, or even a pastry brush, you can use this to work into these areas. Then, use your vacuum wand at the same time to catch the detritus as it’s brushed away!

So, there you have it – four quick tips the professionals use. Our Bama Auto Glass team hope they will be of value to you the next time you clean your vehicle!

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