5 Reasons Your Power Windows Are Not Working

Generally, every new car model today contains power windows, which require electrical power to function properly. Power windows are highly convenient as you don’t have to rotate a crank to close or open your vehicle’s windows.

While power windows have made life easier for drivers, including parents, they have a downside. If there’s any electrical problem with your car, your power window can stop working or fail to roll back up after being lowered.

Luckily, power windows can be fixed with the help of an expert with experience in auto repairs.

Common causes of faulty power windows

Having a faulty power window can be stressful, especially during cold or hot weather. Although there are several reasons as to why your power windows might stop working, here are four that are most common.

1. Bad Window Regulators

A window regulator allows a power window to move up or down when you push the button on your door. Once the window regulator breaks, the window can fail to move. In this case, you’ll have to get the entire window regulator replaced.

The same applies to power windows that use a scissor linkage with a crank mechanism to lower or raise the window. If the link is broken, jammed, or rusty, it can cause your power window to stick or fail to move up and down. You’ll have to replace the crank mechanism to restore proper function.

2. Bad Window Motor

All power windows require window motors to function as they supply the electrical energy. The window motor connects to the window regulator through a gear. Therefore, when you press the switch on your door, the window regulator allows you to open and close your window since the motor is activated.

However, if you have a faulty motor, pressing the window switch won’t open or close your windows as there’s no electrical energy supplied. At times, the switch may be the problem and not the motor. But the only way to identify this is to bypass the switch route and power directly to the motor to see if the window opens.

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3. Snow and Ice

Extreme climatic conditions such as snow and ice can adversely affect how your power window functions. This is because your windows are more likely to stick to their frames. Unfortunately, regulators aren’t strong enough to force your car’s windows from their frame when they’re frozen together.

And, even if they can, your window regulators will wear out fast.

4. Wiring Issues

Several wires connect the window switch to the window motor and some pass between the door and door jam. This wiring bundle can break or short out since they undergo a lot of flexing each time the door is opened or closed.

Alternatively, if you had your car repaired recently, your mechanic can accidentally cut some wires, compromising the function of your power windows. You’ll have to schedule another repair with a reliable mechanic who doesn’t compromise on quality and service to fix the issue.

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