How a New Windshield Might Be Better Than Getting a Repair

new windshield

If your windshield gets a crack in it should you repair it or replace it? Daily wear and tear on the interstate can cause smaller cracks to form and spread which can signal trouble down the road for your windshield. You may lean more towards a cheaper route, windshield repair, but we’re going to break down the important facts into windshield repair and replacement. Here are a few factors that come into play with windshield repair.


The technology that is used for repairing windshields is rapidly changing. Whether you have a large area that needs repair, or a small one, the reparation process will not be as effective as getting a new windshield replacement. Another important thing to think about is the capacity of life that you windshield has left. If your windshield is old, it might be a better idea to move forward with a new windshield.


Your windshield is a pretty hard thing. It comprises 3 layers, 2 made of glass and one made of plastic. The exterior and interior layers are made of glass and there’s a third layer in between that is made of plastic. The most important parts are the inner and outer layers of glass. If these two layers are damaged, then it’s damaged in great depth, which might be hard to repair. Again, if your windshield is kind of old, it might be better to replace it with a new windshield.


Locating the damaged area is really important. If the windshield is damaged from the outside, it is as good as gone. If the damaged area on the windshield is in line with the driver’s vision, then it will be hard to repair it. It’s better to have a new windshield instead. For safe driving, it is highly recommended that the windshield be new and clean, without having any scratches or marks on it.

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