A Rock Chipped My Windshield – Now What?

A Rock Chipped My Windshield

A chipped windshield is very common and tends to occur when small rocks or other bits of debris hit the glass. Chips can vary in size from barely noticeable spots to large craters and can look very unsightly.

If your car windshield sustains a chip, it is important that you address the damage promptly, even if it appears to be minor or inconsequential. This is because chips can easily fill up with dirt and debris, potentially worsening the chip and making the windshield almost impossible to repair. You should even avoid using windshield cleaner after the glass has been damaged as cleaning fluids often contain dyes that can permanently discolor chipped areas.

So, what should you do in the immediate aftermath of a chipped windshield? We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help ensure your windshield can be properly restored:

1. Try To Address The Damage Within A Few Days

If possible, you should try to get your windshield repaired within a few days. If it is simply left to linger, the chip can bloom into a web of tiny cracks or even progress into a long crack. A prompt repair job can end up saving you a significant amount of time and money in the long run.

If you are unable to seek immediate help from a repair professional and cannot do it yourself, there are a few temporary measures you can take to avoid further damage to the windshield. These include:

• Covering the chip with clear packing tape to protect it from dirt.
• Avoid washing the car, taking special care to ensure it does not come into contact with very cold water.
• Avoid squeezing glue or other kinds of adhesives into the chip. This could render it virtually unrepairable.

2. Allow A Technician To Repair Your Windshield (Or Try It Yourself)

Chip repair tends to be relatively quick and can be done by vehicle technicians or car owners who have experience in repairs. The process tends to involve the following steps:

1. Inspect the windshield and assess how much cleaning is necessary before filling takes place.
2. Clean the chipped area using acetone to ensure than there is no debris or moisture embedded in the windshield.
3. Ensure that the vehicle is at room temperature before applying any repair resins.
4. Seal the chipped windshield with a special filler such as epoxy or acrylic adhesive filler and allow it to set with the help of ultraviolet light from the sun.

A Rock Chipped My Windshield

If you enlist professional help, you should try to use a reputable, full-licensed repairs company. If you want to compare prices, you should ask for a quote before committing to a particular business.

3. Sort Out Insurance

The cost of chipped windshield repair is usually covered by comprehensive insurance packages as most insurance companies know that repairing small chips at an early stage costs much less than fixing them after they have turned into big, expensive cracks. For those without insurance, chip repair usually costs around fifty dollars.

For those who may not have insurance coverage for windshield repairs, it’s essential to know that the typical cost for chip repair is relatively affordable, typically hovering around fifty dollars. This reasonable price point makes it accessible to most vehicle owners, reinforcing the importance of promptly addressing windshield chips to avoid more significant and costly issues later on.

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