Basic Auto Glass Safety Tips for Teenage Drivers

Motor crashes are the second main cause of teenage deaths. Teach your teenager driving tips and about the importance of auto glass safety. If you need some auto glass safety tips, keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll learn some helpful windshield maintenance tips. Improve driving safety by teaching your teenager drivers about the importance of inspecting the windshield and the wipers.

Visibility will get impacted by a dirty or cracked windshield.

Ready to learn more? Check out the tips below.

You Shouldn’t Tailgate Other Drivers

As a parent of a teenage driver, encourage them not to tailgate other drivers too closely.

Tailgating can put the driver in a tricky situation. If your teenager needs to stop suddenly, they might end up with a rear-end collision.

Also, vehicle tires pick up road debris and pebbles, causing them to fly back onto the wall. If your teenage driver is too close to the other driver, the stones will damage the windshield.

Teach your teenage driver not to tailgate to avoid unnecessary auto glass repair.

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Don’t Slam Car Doors

If you slam a car door shut, a misalignment between the window tracks and auto glass could occur. The misalignment will keep you from closing or opening the car windows properly.

In the worst-case scenario, slamming a door could even cause the auto glass to break.

Reckless Driving and Auto Glass Damage

Most auto glass damage occurs because of reckless driving. If the driver ignores the speed limitations, they might hit another driver or road debris.

Most damages can get avoided. Inexperienced drivers should stick to the speed limit and avoid reckless driving behaviors.

If you notice bad driving habits, you should talk to your teenager immediately. You want to avoid the worst-case scenario.

Encourage Car Cleaning Habits

Try to maintain your vehicle’s windshield and windows, and keep them spotless. Give the windshield and windows a wipe down each week. Cleaning the windshield improves visibility and even limits any glare.

Learn about the difference between regular glass and windshield glass.

Deal With a Windshield Crack

Have you noticed a crack? Look at getting it inspected by a professional right away. You can keep the problem from worsening and avoid an entire windshield replacement.

Inspect the Windshield Wipers

Your teenage driver should look out for issues with the windshield wipers.

If the wipers don’t work, your teenage driver could have significant visibility problems. Encourage your driver to be proactive, and inspect the vehicle’s exterior.

Windshield wipers are small but essential driving accessories. A worn wiper could also damage your windshield, leaving behind scratches.

Begin Teaching Your Teenage Drivers 

Look at teaching your teenage drivers excellent driving habits. Teach the importance of cleaning the vehicle, inspecting windshield wipers, and avoiding reckless habits.

Your teenage driver should also avoid tailgating or other poor driving habits.

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