Cleaning Condensation Coils From Your Car the Right Way

Cleaning Condensation Coils From Your Car the Right Way. Picture this: You get up in the morning, get your kids ready for school, get ready for work, and go out to your vehicle. But you find your car is all foggy, and instead of setting off on time, you’re stuck trying to figure out how to clean the condensation on your windows.

Cleaning Condensation Coils occurs when the temperature outside your vehicle is different from the inside. Warm air from your car meets the cold windscreen, turning water vapor into water droplets. Unfortunately, this causes your windshield to fog, impeding your vision.

You can clean the condensation inside your car using a few tips. However, you need to clean your glass the right way to avoid damage and eliminate condensation. Here’s how to clean the condensation from your car the right way.

Giving Your Vehicle a Wash

Usually, condensation clings to dirt particles on your car’s glass. So, if your vehicle is dirty, the windows are more likely to condense, affecting visibility. Fortunately, by cleaning your vehicle, you can prevent this. Simply use a high-quality window cleaner and microfiber cloth to wipe down the windows on the inside and out.

But, ensure the window cleaner is specifically designed for vehicle glass to avoid damage.

Cleaning the Exterior

To clean the exterior of your windshield:

1. Lift both windscreen wipers and point them away from the glass.
2. Use your window cleaner to spray one-half of the glass, making sure every surface is coated.
3. Wipe down the windscreen with your microfiber cloth vertically. Ensure your wipes are smooth and straight.
4. Next, wipe the same area horizontally to make sure you don’t miss any spots.
5. Repeat the same process on the other half of the screen.
6. Then, spray the window cleaner on the wipers while they’re still facing outwards and use a cloth to wipe them down. This removes any dirt or grime that has accumulated in the rubber.
7. To complete the process, use a second quality microfiber cloth to dry the entire glass, using small circular motions.

Cleaning Condensation Coils

Cleaning the Interior

Cleaning your window’s interior requires a slightly different process as it’s usually coated with grease and other contaminants. You’ll need rubbing alcohol, an alcohol-based glass cleaner, and three microfiber cloths.

To clean the interior:

1. Use one microfiber cloth to wipe your windscreen in circular motions. Flip the cloth to the other clean side and wipe again. This removes any grease or contaminants on your glass.
2. apply the rubbing alcohol to a fresh microfiber cloth and clean the glass in circular motions.
3. Then, spray your window glass cleaner directly onto the third microfiber cloth and wipe your windscreen using the same vertical and horizontal process you used on the exterior. Start with one half of the glass, then complete the other half.

Bottom Line

Cleaning your vehicle’s windows, both on the interior and exterior, is a crucial aspect of car maintenance that extends beyond mere aesthetics. While maintaining a clear and spotless windshield is essential for visibility and safety, the same principles apply to the other windows on your vehicle.

Regularly cleaning your car’s windows, including side windows and the rear windshield, enhances your driving experience and contributes to the overall condition and longevity of your vehicle. Clean windows provide optimal visibility, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring safe maneuvering on the road.

Moreover, well-maintained windows can extend your window components’ life, such as window regulators and seals. By preventing the buildup of dirt and debris, you can minimize wear and tear on these components, potentially saving you from costly repairs down the line.

When cleaning and maintaining your car’s glass, it’s advisable to consult with auto glass professionals with extensive experience in car glass and car service. These experts can provide valuable insights into proper cleaning techniques, recommend suitable cleaning products, and offer guidance on maintaining your vehicle’s windows.

Additionally, auto glass professionals can assist you with a wide range of services beyond cleaning. Whether you’re dealing with windshield damage, chipped windows, or even the need for a complete windshield replacement, their expertise can ensure that your vehicle’s glass is in optimal condition.

So, if you’re looking to enhance your driving experience and prolong the life of your vehicle’s windows, don’t hesitate to contact auto glass professionals today. Their knowledge and experience in car glass maintenance and repair can help you maintain clear, safe, and visually appealing windows, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey every time you hit the road.

If you need any more tips for cleaning condensation off your car, contact us today.