Effects of Air Conditioning on Car Windshield: What Can Be Done?

Car Windshield: When boiling hot water is poured into a cold glass, it expands immediately and shatters. This is because of the sudden change in temperature. For a car windshield, the same phenomenon holds true; only that water will not be poured on it. Instead, your car’s air conditioning will have that effect on the windshield.

If your windshield has stone chips or any minor cracks on it, the situation can worsen if you turn your air conditioner on in the blazing summer heat. The rapid change in temperature caused by the cold air conditioning can further stress the already compromised glass, potentially leading to the expansion of those minor cracks and chips. This underscores the importance of addressing windshield damage promptly, as even seemingly small issues can escalate under certain conditions, impacting both your safety and the longevity of your windshield.

How a Change in Temperature Affects a Car’s Windshield

Temperature plays a role in how your windshield is likely to crack or break. Sudden temperature changes make the windshield glass contract or expand. As a result, any tiny chips on the glass surface can quickly spread to form much larger cracks.

Unfortunately, replacing your windshield is the only way to deal with cracks once they occur. The changing of seasons doesn’t really have to be the problem. Instead, the problem is brought about by temperature differences between the outside and inside of the vehicle.

When it gets cold, the windshield glass contracts; conversely, when exposed to high temperatures, it expands. The layers of glass that constitute your windshield can flex when exposed to different temperatures, causing it to create a great deal of stress.

When it gets hot outside, you will most likely turn up the air conditioner to enhance a more comfortable environment in your car. Similarly, you will turn on the heater to warm things up when it’s cold outside. Over time, your windshield can be weakened by the temperature difference.

Car Windshield

How Air Conditioning Affects a Car’s Windshield

To improve weather resistance, windshields contract and expand with respect to temperature changes. If you park your car under the sun, you might decide to turn on the air conditioning immediately to cool down your car. This will accelerate the contraction and expansion process, which will decrease windshield integrity. This will result in the formation of new cracks and the spreading of pre-existing cracks.

During extremely cold temperatures, and with your car parked outside in the snow, your windshield will crack if you turn on the heater to full blast.

What Can Be Done About This?

Being an integral part of a car’s design, the windshield provides about 40% support to the roof. During an accident, it helps in the proper deployment of airbags as well as keeping the vehicle intact. While it’s still the most neglected part of the car due to inadequate knowledge, the windshield is a very vital part of a vehicle.

To maintain the longevity of your car’s windshield, here are some quick tips to follow:

• Always turn up the heater or air conditioner slowly and allow the windshield to adjust.
• Do not neglect small cracks or scratches on the windshield; repair them as soon as they appear.
• Park the car under a shade to avoid exposure to the hot sun during the summer.
• Check on the wiper blades regularly as they usually have a huge impact on the windshield.
• Use skin cover to cover your car when not in use to protect your windshield.
• When cleaning your windshield, consider the quality of the products; always use certified and standard cleaning products.

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