Five Tips for Washing Your Car

Tips for Washing Your Car: If your car is getting a little grimy, it may be time to give it a thorough wash. Not only will this ensure that it stays looking respectable on your driveway, but it will also help to protect the paintwork in the long term. If you’re wondering how best to go about washing your vehicle, we’ve put together a list of handy tips for getting it enviably clean and sparkling.

Tips for Washing Your Car

1. Choose your time wisely

Although it may be tempting to wash your car when the sun is out, heat and sunlight can leave your car looking streaky and unclean. This is because heat and direct sunlight can dry soapy moisture onto your car before you have the chance to rinse it off. For best results, try to wash your car early in the morning or late in the afternoon, particularly during the summer months.

2. Source a hose and a clean sponge

Try not to use the first sponge that you find lying around in the garage or basement. Used sponges tend to carry bits of grit and dirt that could end up ruining the paintwork on your car. Instead, opt for soft new sponges and cloths that can be stored away and used again the next time you decide to clean your car.

Once you have sourced a clean sponge and a hose, you can start the cleaning process by hosing your car down to remove loose bits of grime. You can then get to work wiping it down with soapy water. Once you have thoroughly removed all of the dirt, you can rinse it down a final time. After this completing this process, your car will sparkle like never before.

3. Do not forget to wash down the wheels

It is all too easy to forget to wash the wheels of your car, despite the fact that they are often the dirtiest part. Use a different sponge to the one you use to clean the body of the car, along with a wheel cleaning product designed to remove as much dirt as possible.

4. Try to use special car shampoo

While many car owners settle for household soaps and liquid cleaning products to de-grime their vehicles, doing so can end up harming the paintwork by breaking down its protective wax coating. Car shampoos are designed to be gentle on your car whilst ensuring it gets as deep a clean as possible.

5. Finish the job by drying and waxing your car

Drying your car with a scratchy towel or dishcloth could end up leaving scratches or unsightly watermarks. To avoid this, your best bet is to dry the car with a piece of chamois leather or a microfiber cloth. Waxing your car after it is washed and dry will make it look cleaner, as well as protecting it from the elements and making it easier to clean next time.

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