How To File For Windshield Replacement Insurance

Cars are an essential part of everyday life – getting to work, getting to the grocery store – all these basics would often be impossible without a car. This is why it’s essential to practice good car maintenance, and understanding how to file for replacement windshield insurance is essential for keeping your car in top-notch condition and keeping yourself and your family safe. 

Why Windshield Replacement Is So Important

Your windshield protects you. It makes your journey comfortable by keeping out wind and rain, it protects you against harmful UV rays, and most importantly, it protects you against dirt, dust, and debris on the road. When this debris strikes your windshield, there’s a chance that it will cause a crack. Even the smallest cracks will increase over time and, if neglected, these will grow and become even more of a hazard. 

Windshields play a vital role in your comfort and safety, which is why it’s essential to use a quality windshield repair service and to act quickly. 

How To File A Claim For Windshield Replacement

Most damage to your windshield will be covered by comprehensive insurance, regardless of whether another car is involved. Here are some examples of the types of scenarios that might be covered:

• Falling trees or tree branches
• Stray baseballs, basketballs, etc. 
• Debris striking your windshield
• Pebbles or small stones flying up and hitting your windshield
• Birds flying into your windshield

These are just examples, so it’s essential to check the details with your insurer. 


What If I Don’t Have Comprehensive Insurance? 

If you don’t have comprehensive insurance, then you’ll most likely have to cover the cost yourself. The only real exceptions to this are if the damage is the result of an accident, and it’s clear the other driver was at fault, or if your windshield is broken by another person and you claim against their household insurance. 

Filing The Claim

This is a similar process to any other type of insurance claim

• Contact your insurer as soon as the damage occurs
• Complete the necessary forms – often this is done online
• Organise the repair, in line with your insurer’s requests – they’ll often have a list of preferred windshield repair companies

Act Fast

It’s essential that you act as soon as you notice the damage to your windshield. If you delay, there is a strong chance the crack could get worse. Not only could this compromise your insurance claim, but it will also impact your personal safety, and the safety of others. 

Get In Touch

Many people are reluctant to approach their insurer about windshield repairs because they think their rates will go up. However, if the reason for the repair is “no-fault”, like the ones listed above, there’s no need to worry. Many insurance policies will cover windshield damage and repair without there being an increase in rates. 

If you have questions about how to file for windshield replacement insurance, our experienced and friendly team here at Bama Auto Glass are ready to help. You can give us a call on 205-433-3079 or just fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.