How to Keep Your Interior Auto Glass Clear

Did you know driving at night increases your risk of a crash because of factors like fatigue or poor visibility? One way to mitigate this risk is by keeping your auto glass, particularly your car windshield, clean to improve visibility. Maintaining clear auto glass is crucial for safe driving, especially under challenging conditions.

In this guide, you’ll learn the best methods to clean your auto glass windshield, both inside and out, and the most effective cleaners to use. Sometimes, maintaining visibility isn’t just about cleaning; a driver may even need to get a replacement or repair done to ensure their auto glass is in optimal condition.

Ready to learn more about maintaining your auto glass for safer driving? Check out the tips below for comprehensive guidance on keeping your windshield clear and your visibility unimpeded.

Ready to learn more? Check out the tips below.

What Dirties the Windshield?

Dust or dirt off the road or other environmental contaminants are the main culprits.

Car off-gassing is a new car smell from different vinyl and plastic interior parts. These components end up breaking down and get trapped in your vehicle. They leave behind an oily residue on the windshield.

Make sure you clean your vehicle, and air it out. 

Cleaning the Interior Windshield

Pick up a glass cleaner, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and lint-free microfiber cleaning rags.

Next, you’ll mix the solution in your spray bottle. Some popular options include a half and half mixture of alcohol and water. Throw in a tablespoon of white vinegar.

auto glass

You could also make a 15 percent glass cleaner, 15 percent alcohol, and 70 percent water.

Some motorists will prefer to buy an auto-specific glass cleaner. Ammonia-based cleaners can damage leather and vinyl.

Sit in the passenger seat for easier access. Before spraying down the glass, wipe the windshield with your microfiber rag.

Get a clean rag and rub alcohol over the glass to begin degreasing it. Use another clean rag and spray your glass mixture on the rag.

Begin cleaning the interior windshield in small, circular movements. Grab a new rag when your current one gets dirty.

When Should You Clean the Windshield?

An effective strategy for maintaining a clear view while driving is to prioritize cleaning your car windshield, ideally at the end of a car wash. This timing allows you to focus on the windshield when the rest of your car is already clean, ensuring that no dirt or residue from the body of the car gets transferred onto the glass.

It’s best to do so when wiping down the windows in the shade or during cooler temperatures. This approach helps prevent the premature evaporation of the window cleaner, which can lead to streaks and spots, diminishing your visibility. Cooler conditions allow the cleaner to work effectively, leaving a streak-free finish.

Additionally, be mindful of the cleaning materials you use on your windshield. Avoid using the same rags you employed for the rest of the car, especially if they contain remnants of car wax or other cleaning compounds. These substances can smear on the windshield, creating visual obstructions. Instead, opt for clean, soft microfiber towels specifically designated for cleaning auto glass. This ensures that your windshield remains clear and free from any residue that could impair your vision while driving.

By following these simple yet effective tips, you can maintain a crystal-clear windshield, enhancing your safety and the overall cleanliness of your vehicle.

Maintaining a Clean Windshield 

After you clean your windshield, aim to keep it neat. You can maintain the interior and exterior of your vehicle by parking in a sheltered area. Prevent any off-gassing or build-up of contaminants by opening your window.

Dealing With a Repair or Replacement

If you have a windshield that has a tiny crack, you might want to get a repair done. Yet, you might need a replacement. Contact a local auto glass supplier to find out your options.

Keep Your Auto Glass Clean

We hope this guide on cleaning your auto glass windshield was helpful.

Look at parking in a sheltered area. Bring your vehicle to a reputable supplier as soon as you notice a crack to get it repaired or replaced.

Clean windshields will provide you with excellent visibility and safer driving conditions.

Contact us today if you need help. We provide high-quality windshield repair and replacement services.