How To Protect Your Car From Hail

How To Protect Your Car From Hail? There are many ways in which your vehicle can suffer damage; one which perhaps isn’t paid as much attention as it merits is being caught in a hailstorm. Yet, damage caused by such events can end up being one of the most costly to repair. However, there are a series of actions to consider that can give you the best chance of avoiding such expenses. Here are four key ways to give you the best chance of avoiding such a damaging event.

Check The Weather Throughout Your Journey

As weather forecasts have become increasingly accurate over time, and with the increasing use of radar, computer simulation, and the like, predictions of the positioning, severity, and length of weather events is much more reliable. Of course, there are still those unexpected hailstorms; but you are giving yourself the best chance of avoiding the possibility.

That said, it’s easy to forget, especially for longer journeys when setting out in fine weather, to check key points along your proposed route – and for the specific time you’ll be in each area. Signing up for relevant weather alerts on your mobile device is also worth. We know that being caught in a storm can be frightening for all, but particularly for children or seniors.

Take Care Where You Park

At your home, this means using your garage or carport as a matter of routine, particularly if your area is subject to sudden storms. When away from home, check out covered parking facilities where these are available. This is a wise move, even if it means parking slightly further away from your destination. In an emergency situation, where you are caught in a sudden hailstorm if full cover isn’t quickly available, seek out large buildings where you can at least park out of the prevailing wind direction. Remember, if you are familiar with the area, there might also be an underpass or the like which you could use.

How To Protect Your Car From Hail

Cover Your Vehicle

How To Protect Your Car From Hail? Although it might not provide complete protection in a spectacularly violent hailstorm, it pays to invest in a quality protective cover that can be used when necessary. In an emergency, it can be useful to have some old sheets and blankets that can quickly be pressed into service, perhaps offering several layers of protection. When covering, remember to protect all areas both from an above and a side-on windblown attack – including doors and side windows. Remember also to have a supply of tape to secure them – but make sure it won’t damage your vehicle’s paintwork!

Make Sure You Are Properly Insured

Protecting your car from hail involves several practical steps and preparations. Firstly, always check the weather forecast, especially during seasons prone to hail. If hail is predicted, try to park your vehicle in a covered area, like a garage or under a carport. If no covered parking is available, consider using a specially designed car cover that offers protection against hail.

Invest in a quality car cover that is thick enough to absorb the impact of hailstones. These covers are usually padded and provide a layer of cushioning for your vehicle. Keep this cover in your car, so it’s readily available when you’re away from home and hail is expected.

Additionally, consider applying a paint protection film on your vehicle. This film can’t stop dents, but it can prevent scratches and chips caused by smaller hailstones. Regular waxing of your car can also provide a minor level of protection by allowing hailstones to slide off more easily, reducing their impact.

It’s also crucial to review your auto insurance policy. Ensure that your policy covers hail damage, and be aware of the deductible amounts and any specific limitations or conditions. In some areas prone to frequent hail, comprehensive coverage that includes hail damage might be advisable.

Finally, be proactive in knowing your options for repairs. Research and have contact details for reputable auto body shops or dent repair specialists in your area. Knowing where to go for quick and quality repairs can save you time and stress after a hail storm.

Remember, while these measures can help mitigate damage, they may not completely protect your car from severe hailstorms. Always prioritize safety and avoid driving in hazardous weather conditions.

Having a clear plan of action to help avoid the costly damage – and often traumatic experience – of being caught in a violent hailstorm makes good sense. To make sure you are best prepared, contact our expert team now at Bama Auto Glass.