Best Practices to Take Care of Your New Windshield

You’ve just got a new windshield, and you’re feeling much better about your car’s safety and visibility. However, you can’t just return to driving as normal. You need to take some particular measures to make sure your new windshield will be with you for the long haul.

Here’s our guide to taking care of that new windshield and why it’s worthwhile.

#1: Don’t wash your vehicle yet

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Even though it looks like your glass has been magically held in place, there is an adhesive that glass replacers use to keep that new windshield where it’s supposed to be. It’s super strong, but it’ll take some time to dry. The water and soap from a car wash can unstick the adhesive’s seal, so you’ll need to avoid washing your car for as long as you can stand it. If you absolutely cannot wait, most adhesives will be dry within 24 hours.

#2: Drive easy

Your windshield will take some time to properly be set, so drive as easily as you can for the first few days. That means avoiding bumpy roads or rough weather conditions, slowing your speed, avoiding long car trips, and not slamming the doors, front or back. Even if you’ve let the adhesive dry for 24 hours, there can still be a chance that a gap can form between the glass and the adhesive. If you notice this happening, call your glass technician right away and fix the problem before it gets worse.

#3: Don’t remove the tape

The tape is there for a reason. It’s called retention tape, and it helps to keep the new glass in its frame. The glass needs this tape to remain in place while the adhesive dries, so it’s generally recommended that you keep the tape on for at least a day. It may not be the prettiest car decoration, but it’ll make sure you get the most out of your new investment.

#4: Keep your dash clear

As nice as that little hula dancer may look, any extra weight on your dashboard can mean putting pressure on the windshield, and that can be enough to force the glass outward, making the glass uneven at best and making the adhesive gap at worst. For the first few days, keep all items off of the dashboard and give your new windshield time to settle.

Basically, treating your car with a lot of care over the first 24 hours can really make or (literally) break your new windshield. If you follow this guide, your windshield is sure to stick around for a long time.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably looking into having your glass repaired, replaced, or taken care of. Luckily for you, we’re experts on all things auto glass, and we’re here to help you. You can check out more of our blogs here, or you can contact us about making your glass as good as new.