Tips for Avoiding Scratches in Your Auto Glass

Damaged windshields, a critical part of your vehicle’s auto glass, are one of the most common causes of insurance claims in the USA, accounting for around 30% of claims. This damage to the auto glass often occurs due to windshield scratches, which can accumulate over time due to various factors such as weather, general use, and accidents. These minor issues can escalate, leading to more significant chips or cracks in the auto glass.

But how exactly can you prevent scratches on your auto glass from happening? This article delves into several effective strategies to protect your auto glass from scratches. We’ll explore the importance of wiper blade maintenance, proper car cleaning techniques, and methods to address small scratches on your auto glass before they worsen. Each of these aspects plays a vital role in preserving the integrity and clarity of your auto glass.

Let’s examine these preventative measures in more detail to understand how they contribute to the longevity and safety of your vehicle’s auto glass. Following these tips can reduce the risk of scratches and the subsequent need for costly auto glass repairs or replacements.

Perform Wiper Blade Maintenance

Your wiper blades get used a lot, especially during the colder months, so it is important to check them over. Dirt builds up on wipers quickly, so you must clean them often to prevent dirt from getting stuck there.

You should also replace your wipers regularly. Once they show signs of wear and tear, they could start doing more damage than cleaning. 

Make sure that you don’t use your wipers on a dry car windshield. When the surface of the glass is dry, it is more prone to getting auto glass scratches. This is because there is a lack of lubrication. 

Even if you are getting rid of dust, always make sure to spray some water or wiper fluid first to prevent scratches. For this reason, also make sure that you always have your wiper fluid topped up.

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Be Careful When Cleaning Your Car

Many people choose to wash their own cars, which is great! But they often think you need to scrub hard to get rid of dirt. In the context of cleaning a car, less is more when it comes to pressure. 

Being extra gentle with your auto glass is vital to look after them long-term. 

Make sure that all your cleaning tools, like sponges or cloths, are completely clean. Otherwise, pieces of material like plastic, stone, or metal can get trapped in the fibers. These will then scratch not only your glass but paintwork too. 

Do Not Wait on Small Scratches 

If you have a small scratch, it might be tempting to ignore it. Unfortunately, if you leave it then it may become a bigger scratch, or even a chip or crack.

Small scratches are affected by the weather, the climate in your area, and also driving at speed. They can also happen due to the general use of the car. Things like slamming doors or leaning on the vehicle can all lead to small scratches. 

These scratches can affect the value of the vehicle and the health and safety of passengers. So if you see one, don’t wait to act. Take it to your local auto glass repair shop. 

Prevent Glass Scratches Like a Pro

Glass scratches are damaging to your car and, if left unattended, can lead to chips and cracks. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to avoid scratches, and we have highlighted a few in this article!

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