Best Tips to Reduce Window Condensation

Window condensation is what happens when the temperature and humidity inside your vehicle is different than it is on the outside. This difference causes the water droplets to collect on the glass, fogging up your windshield and severely limiting your visibility.

It can be challenging to effectively remove condensation once it’s already on your windshield, but we’re here to give you our top tips on getting your windshield de-fogged and road-ready.

Tip #1: Turn on Defrost

You’ve probably used this little button in the past to melt windshield frost, but it’s also great for getting rid of window condensation. Defrost, an A/C function found in most vehicles, targets warm air at the front and back windshields, making the fog go away. It’s also best to turn the temperature as high as it can go and turn off the recirculation function in order to increase temperature and decrease humidity. Within minutes, your window will start to clear up!

Tip #2: Clean Your Windows

A dirty window can attract moisture, giving the water particles in the air a place to attach and settle. Cleaning your windows regularly, even if they don’t appear to need it, can prevent fogging. 

However, if you’re driving and the fog comes on suddenly, keep a clean towel nearby so you can wipe away a section in order to see the road. This isn’t generally recommended, as it can have streaks on your glass, but if you’re in a situation where you can’t stop and you can’t defrost, it’s better than using your hand, a dirty tissue, or any other fabric that might be available within your reach.

Tip #3: Use Windshield Wipers


Windshield wipers can only help so much, but if the condensation is collecting on the outside instead of the inside, this will be your best bet for reducing window condensation. If nothing you’re doing seems to be helping, turn on your windshield wipers. This will gather all the condensation and wipe it away, at least temporarily. You may need to keep your wipers on until your glass warms up. This method is particularly helpful for your rear windshield.

Tip #4: Dehumidify Your Vehicle

If nothing seems to be helping, there could be a bigger problem going on with your vehicle. There are lots of products on the market that help to de-fog windshields, like dehumidifier mats and window treatments, but if your problem continues to persist, we suggest you start looking into the source of the problem.

Most modern cars are designed to form a tight seal against the outside, meaning the newer your car is, the more likely that it will keep out humidity. However, if your window condensation becomes a repeated problem, take your car to a professional to be assessed. The seals along the windows and doors could have a gap in them, which may be the reason the moisture continues to come in.

We hope you’ll remember these tips the next time your window gets foggy. For all things auto glass, we’re the experts. For years, we’ve helped those in our community find solutions for all their auto glass problems, specializing in chip and crack repair. Next time you need us, give us a call!