5 Tips To Help Remove Fingerprints From Car Windows

Even if you don’t have kids, fingerprints will show up on your car windows every once in a while. Just wiping them away with a spare tissue isn’t good enough either… the grease from these prints will smear, making the problem even worse!

So, what are the best ways to remove fingerprints from your windows?

#1: Invest In A Glass Cleaning Cloth

Just like eyeglasses, there are cleaning cloths made specifically for glass. It will take some mindfulness to remember to wash the cloth occasionally, but this is perhaps the easiest and most accessible way to get rid of the stray fingerprints.

You can find these clothes from a nearby hardware store, usually made from microfiber or cotton. Keep them in your glove box, and when you need them, simply take them out and rub over the grease spot, making sure not to get your fingers in the way.

#2: Make Your Own Window Cleaner

Car Windows

If those spots are just too stubborn, you may need to pull out some cleaner. If you don’t have any, simply drop some dish soap into the water and gently rub the prints away with a soft towel. Don’t use too much dish soap; the mixture could leave streaks on your car windows!

#3: Check Your Technique

If your cleaning leaves a residue, it may be how you’re trying to wipe your glass. Instead of rubbing in one direction, use a circular, buffing motion while lightly pressing on the glass. This technique is used by professionals because it picks up anything your cloth may have left behind by going over the same spots repeatedly, while also reducing the effort exerted on your part.

#4: Use Different Cloths

When you’re using a cleaning liquid, one cloth can be enough for low-maintenance jobs; but if you’ve got a real mess on your hands, it may call for two cloths, one for applying the liquid and one for drying. With this method, none of the oil that you’ve just picked up will get redeposited onto your car window.

#5: Stopping Fingerprints At Their Source

You’ve got a busy schedule, so do you really want to spend all your time cleaning up fingerprints? Just stop the grease spots at their source by applying rain repellant to the areas of your car that get the most fingerprinted. This won’t completely stop fingerprints, but it will make the accidental touches on the car windows less likely to leave a mark.

Fingerprints are a problem on nearly every surface, but with these 5 tips, you’ll be on your way to a fingerprint-free life. Now the challenge is to get your kids to stop drawing in the condensation!

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