When Can You Drive After Windshield Replacement?

Having work done on your car feels magical. When you take it for a wash, a new coat of paint, or a windshield replacement, you want to get back on the road and drive as soon as possible! If you want that new windshield to last a long time, you had better hit the brakes. You should consider some general guidelines before you drive after your windshield replacement.

General Rule Of Thumb

In general, the more high-quality the adhesive used, the quicker you can drive your car. Many trusted glass repairmen use adhesives that set in just 1 hour. However, some repair services may ask you to wait up to 24 hours to reduce the chance that your windshield will detach from the frame. It’s best to ask how long this process will take before your windshield replacement so that you can schedule your day appropriately.

Check Your Environment

Regardless of the general guidelines given to you by your auto glass technician, you should be aware of the type of weather and road conditions that will be around you after your windshield replacement. If it’s going to rain or if the roads nearby are bumpy and rough, it’d be best to postpone your first drive with your new windshield.

Most reputable auto glass experts will warn you of these hazards, but not all, so be aware that these conditions are important before you find out the hard way.

Put Off The Long Trip

glass replaced

If there’s a far-away errand you’ve needed to run, or you want to go on an out-of-state road trip, it’s best to let your new windshield set for a few days first. Putting too much stress on it too soon can cause the seal to gap or the glass to crack, making your windshield replacement pointless. If you’re willing to invest the money it takes to replace your windshield, you will also need to be willing to invest the time.

Know Your Car

The time it takes for the adhesive to dry is dependent on your vehicle and where the glass was replaced. If your car is a Mercedes, Cadillac, or Land Rover, you’ll have to wait longer to get your car back. Additionally, if the glass was replaced on your sunroof, you will need to give the adhesive slightly more time to cure. These are considerations that your technician should take into account when calculating your drive-away time.

Even though you might want to take a drive ASAP, best practices dictate that you shouldn’t drive any sooner than the time your technician gives you. When in doubt, trust the experts. The drive-away time is set to keep you and others on the road safe.

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