When Is It Time To Replace My Windshield Wipers?

All cars need maintenance, both to keep them running properly and to prevent more expensive problems down the line. However, not a lot of people know how to tell when their car needs even basic repairs.

One common but often overlooked piece of routine maintenance is windshield wiper replacement. Typically, windshield wipers need to be replaced less often than the car’s oil, so they often get forgotten when it comes to routine maintenance.

There are a few easy signs to watch out for when it comes to figuring out when it’s time to replace your car’s windshield wipers. Keeping your wipers in good working order is key to keeping you safe, since they can’t protect you from rain or snow if they aren’t working properly!

Your Wipers Aren’t Working Like They Used To

This is the most obvious, but most important key. Are your windshield wipers just not working as well as they used to? Then it’s time for a replacement. It’s better to replace them sooner rather than later, so you’re not relying on dodgy wipers to protect you in the event of a surprise thunderstorm.

Signs To Look Out For

“Your windshield wipers aren’t wiping like they used to” is a vague statement because it can encompass a number of different behaviors. You might see some or all of these behaviors in your windshield wipers, but if you see more than one or two of them, you know it’s time for a replacement.

  • Windshield streaks
  • Greasy or grimy film on windshield
  • Skidding or chattering sounds coming from the wipers
  • Lessened range of motion
  • The metal looks bent
  • The rubber looks split or cracked

Streaks and Film

If you’re seeing streaks or film on your windshield, even if the wipers are going, this is a sign that it’s time for a replacement. The rubber might be dirty, it might not be making full contact with the glass, or it could be broken or split, leading it to spread grime across the windshield instead of clearing it off. When your windshield isn’t clean despite the wipers running, it’s time for a replacement.

Windshield Wiper

Noisy Wipers

Going along with streaks and film, wipers that are due for a change often make a skidding or chattering sound. Rather than sliding smoothly across the glass, they’re dragging and sticking. This can lead to streaks or film, causing vision and safety problems for the driver.

Bent or Damaged Wipers

If you notice that the metal wiper frame is bent, or if the rubber is cracked or split, that’s a sure-fire sign that you need a replacement. This kind of structural damage to the wiper itself can lead to issues such as streaks, film, and noise.

Lessened Range Of Motion

If your wipers aren’t reaching across your windshield, it’s time for a replacement. Over time, they can stop coming into contact with the corners of the windshield or other hard-to-reach areas. This might not be noticeable in a light drizzle, but can cause serious danger during heavy rain.

If you know your wipers are due for a replacement, you’re seeing the signs above, or it’s been a long time since someone has looked at them, give us a call!