Why Isn’t My Car’s Side Window Closing?

There’s no better feeling than driving fast down the highway with your windows down and radio up. But what happens when you can’t get one of your windows to roll back up?

This issue is more than an inconvenience; it can also threaten your car’s safety. A permanently downed window gives burglars an opportunity to break in. It also leaves your interior exposed to rain and animals.

If your side window remains stuck in position, the first question to answer is why. The answer to this often determines whether you can fix the window and how much it will cost to repair. 

We’ll explore some common reasons car windows get stuck in this guide. Find the answers you need here!

Damaged Car Window Motor

One common cause of a stuck car window is a damaged motor. In most vehicles, a motor in your car door controls the window’s motion. When this mechanism stops working, your window will remain stuck in whatever position it was in when the motor cut out. 

Older vehicles operate their windows with a crank. However, even a crank can sometimes become stuck.

In either case, it’s best to see a professional to fix the car. Motors and cranks connect to the door panel, which can be risky to work on yourself. 

side window

Damages Weather Stripping in Your Car’s Side Window

Another possibility is that you have damaged weather stripping in your side window. Your weather stripping is the rubber strip that lines the base and sides of your car window. 

Have you ever wondered what this piece does? It turns out that this piece plays a critical role in keeping your car safe. This strip prevents air, dirt, and water from infiltrating your vehicle through these small spaces. 

When this becomes damaged, dirt and grime can build in your door panel and in the spaces around your window. As a result, this buildup can prevent your window from moving. It’s often best to have professionals repair this issue. 

Off Track Auto Glass

Your side window runs along a track that guides the glass up and down. When your glass shifts off track, it causes the window to jam. 

Once again, this issue requires a door panel removal. Otherwise, it’s nearly impossible to determine if the glass has gotten off track. Fortunately, our professional team can tell you whether this is the problem. 

Does the Window Have a Child’s Lock?

This last issue sometimes affects parents with small children. As you know, children love to fidget. Sometimes, this fidgeting leads them to mess with the car window.

Many parents install a child’s lock on the side of the door to prevent this. So, check to ensure you haven’t left the child’s lock activated. This little mechanism could explain why your window won’t move. 

Find the Best Window Repair Service

Several problems could cause your side window to remain stuck. Fortunately, there are quick fixes to all of them. All you have to do is find a repair service to tackle the issue. 

That’s where we come in. Bama Auto Glass provides several auto glass repairs for vehicles. For over 35 years, we’ve provided quality service to all kinds of cars and models. 

We also provide convenience to our customers. We’ll gladly come to your location to repair your glass. Contact us today to request our services