What Causes Windshield Chip and What To Do About Them


Picture this: you’re driving down the interstate, blaring your favorite tunes, when all of a sudden, a rock flies up and chips your windshield. Now you’re driving around with a chip in your windshield, but what can you do about it? Read on to find out ways to handle a chip in your windshield.

How does a windshield get chips on it?

Chipped windshields are typically caused by small rocks on the road. Sometimes an eighteen-wheeler gets rocks stuck in its mudguard, which can spell trouble for you if you happen to be behind them at the right time. Other times, it’s cars kicking up rocks on the interstate, another unavoidable situation.

Common Causes of Windshield Chips

1. Road Debris

One of the most common causes of windshield chips is road debris, such as stones or gravel, kicked up by other vehicles. Highways or roads near construction sites are particularly prone to this.

2. Weather Conditions

Severe weather conditions, like hailstorms, can cause chips. Even drastic temperature changes can sometimes lead to chips due to the expansion and contraction of the glass.

3. Accidental Impacts

Accidental impacts, such as a flying ball or bird strikes, can also result in windshield chips.

Immediate Response to a Chip

4. Assess the Damage

Firstly, assess the size and location of the chip. Small chips can often be repaired, but larger ones may require a full windshield replacement.

5. Cover the Chip Temporarily

Temporarily covering the chip with clear tape can prevent dirt from getting into the chip, making it easier to repair.

Repairing a Windshield Chip

6. DIY Repair Kits

For small chips, a DIY windshield repair kit might be sufficient. These kits usually contain a resin that fills the chip and can be a cost-effective solution.

7. Professional Repair

For larger or more complex chips, or if you are unsure about doing it yourself, seek professional repair services. Professionals use advanced techniques to ensure the repair is durable and safe.

Preventive Measures

8. Safe Driving Practices

Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, especially on gravel roads, to minimize the risk of flying debris.

9. Regular Windshield Inspections

Regularly inspect your windshield for any damage. Early detection of small chips can prevent them from developing into larger cracks.

Why You Need to Repair Your Windshield Sooner Than Later

The chip in your windshield might seem like a small problem, but you don’t need to take it lightly. A small chip can easily affect your entire windshield. Once the glass gets chipped, it has a tendency to spread, and create a spider web-like pattern on the front of your windshield. Dust particles and moisture can get into the small cracks and create irreparable damage to your windshield.

What You Need to Do If You Have a Windshield Chip

Undoubtedly, getting the windshield chip repaired would be the most suitable option for anyone but what if you cannot repair it immediately? So, before you find a professional to repair the windshield chip, there are 3 important things you could do on your own, to save the windshield from permanent damage:

  • Cover the damaged area of the windshield by packaging tape so that it does not get affected by dust or moisture.
  • Wash the car, but with mild water that’s not too cold. Cold water could expand the crack in the windshield of your car.
  • Call a professional to repair or replace your windshield.

Call Bama Auto Glass

The windshield chip can be repaired if you take action straight away. So, without any delay, call an expert to treat the chip and windshield of your car so you can safely get back on the road.

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