Windshield Repair: How to Stop a Crack From Spreading

Windshield Repair

Windshield Repair. Driving down the road in a good mood, you suddenly hear a cracking sound. Guess what? A small rock just smacked into your windshield, cracking it and spoiling your mood. Now what do you do? You need to stop the crack from spreading. Keep reading to find out how to stop a crack in your windshield from becoming a huge problem.

How to Stop a Windshield Crack In Its Tracks

We’ve outlined a few ways you can prolong the life of your windshield, just enough until you can see a professional.

  • Apply Super Glue or Clear Nail Polish–Before filling the crack with superglue, ensure you wipe down the windshield with glass cleaner. Then, apply clear nail polish (or superglue) to the chip. Allow the solution to dry and cover with clear packing tape to remove any debris.
  • Buy a Windshield Repair Kit–Stop by your local hardware store and pick up a windshield repair kit. Make sure you’re okay with drilling into your windshield, and then fill the hole with resin. You might only need this one repair if you do a good job.
  • Avoid Severe Weather Change–Since glass expands in hot weather and contracts in the cold, you must avoid exposing your windshield. Try to park in the shade when it’s hot and avoid the windshield defroster until your windshield is repaired.

Immediate Actions

1. Assess the Damage

Firstly, assess the size and location of the crack. If it’s smaller than a dollar bill, it’s usually repairable. However, larger or more complex cracks might require professional replacement.

2. Avoid Stress Factors

Avoid factors that can exacerbate the crack, such as temperature extremes, jarring the car, and using the defroster or air conditioning, which can cause rapid temperature changes.

Temporary Solutions

3. Apply a Windshield Repair Kit

A DIY windshield repair kit can be a temporary solution for small cracks. When applied correctly, these kits usually contain a resin that can fill the crack and prevent it from spreading.

4. Use Clear Tape

As a short-term fix, clear packing tape can help keep out dirt and moisture. However, this is not a long-term solution and should only be used until you can get professional help.

Long-Term Solutions

5. Professional Repair Services

Seek professional windshield repair services for a more permanent solution. Professionals can inject a special resin into the crack, which is then cured and polished to restore windshield integrity and clarity.

6. Consider Windshield Replacement

If the crack is too large or located in the driver’s line of sight, replacement might be the only safe option. Modern windshields are integral to vehicle safety, so ensuring proper installation is crucial.

Preventative Measures

7. Regular Inspections

Regularly inspect your windshield for any signs of damage. Early detection can make the difference between a simple repair and a costly replacement.

8. Use Protective Measures

Implement protective measures like parking in the shade, using a windshield sun protector, and avoiding gravel roads or following vehicles too closely.

Hire a Professional

We get it, it’s expensive to repair or replace your car’s windshield. But using nail polish to cover a crack will not prolong the life of your car’s windshield. You need to hire a professional glass expert who can safely and efficiently repair or replace your windshield.

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