The Effects of Cold Temperatures on Your Windshield

Cold temperatures can be devastating for your car’s windshield. During the winter months, there is the possibility that your car windshield will get hit hard with hail, ice, and snow.

But what are the effects of cold weather on the glass in your car? 

This article is here to explain why an icy windshield is bad news. But don’t worry, we also tell you how to prepare your car to survive the cold months.

The Effects of Cold Weather 

People often don’t realize that a change in temperature can cause a lot of damage to a car’s windshield. An icy windshield hinders visibility and leaves it vulnerable to cracks and chips.

This is because as temperatures drop, the structure around your car’s windshield contracts. This creates extra pressure on the glass, often making it crack under the stress.

If you have windshield pitting, then contraction creates cracking from the weak point. Pitting is more likely to happen during the winter months. So if it happens, take it to a repair shop immediately before it worsens.

Clearing Frost From Windshields

One of the effects of cold weather is having to remove frost from your windshield. This can cause its own problems as if not done in the correct way, can create scratches, chips, and even cracks. 

Try to use the right tools on an icy windshield, such as an ice scraper rather than a shovel or knife. Use the scraper in a horizontal motion across the windshield. Avoid stabbing, chopping, or crushing ice buildup. 

Do not use hot water on your windshield to melt ice. It may be tempting as a quick fix, but a fast change in temperature will cause cracking. 

Try to start your car up with plenty of time before you need to use it. The heat from your inside vents and from the engine will help to thaw excess icy from a frozen windshield. 

Try covering your car to prevent snow and ice from having direct contact with the glass and body of your car. 

cold temperatures

Check the Wipers and Washer Fluid

Ice can cause your wiper blades to become brittle, making them vulnerable to cracking. Make sure that you check them over before the colder months and replace them if necessary.

Keep your windshield clean and clear throughout the Fall and winter. This helps prevent debris from damaging the surface. Regularly clean your windshield, and make sure you don’t forget the inside.

A clean windshield makes your washer fluid more effective. It will be able to clear light ice off the surface with ease. Make sure you always keep your washer fluid topped up, so you’re never in a low visibility situation.

Prepare For Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures can be very damaging to car windshield glass, so you have to be vigilant. Try some of the pointers above to prepare your car for extreme weather. Avoiding an icy windshield is the best way to stay safe when driving in bad driving conditions.

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